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Cap plugs are used to plug the end of tubing, pipes and bars in a variety of commercial and industrial products. Plugs can be made out of various plastic materials, but they are all designed to fit snugly in the end of a tube to keep liquid in or keep dirt out. Read More…

Zero Static Valves Cap plugs are used to plug the end of tubing, pipes and bars in a variety of commercial and industrial products. Plugs can be made out of various plastic materials, but they are all designed to fit snugly in the end of a tube to keep liquid in or keep dirt out.

Molded Devices is an industry leader in plastic and metal coating with particular expertise in dip molding. From design to delivery our Sellersville, PA location, formerly US Plastic Coatings, can have many flexible PVC plastisol products delivered within a week. We have a thriving reputation for a quick turnaround, superior quality, and customer satisfaction.

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Precision Dip Coating provides dip coating services for the manufacture of soft plastic parts such as cap plugs. hand grips, and more. Decorative and protective, our services are very cost effective and we have a proven track record for on time delivery and precise manufacturing. We can match any color you need, and offer services such as assembly, die cutting, packaging, and decorating.

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Carlisle Plastics is a dip molding plastics manufacturer offering end caps, plastisol paint masks, thread protectors, tube closures, protective caps and decorative caps.

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Rubber & Plastics Company has 50 years of experience in manufacturing dip molding with the materials, equipment and flexibility to rapidly prototype. We provide standard and custom designed high-temp paint masks, caps, grips and plugs.

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Innovative Coatings is a manufacturer of plastisol dip molding and fluidized bed powder coatings of epoxy, polyolefins, nylon and vinyl. Our dip coatings are of FDA-approved and biomedical grades.

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Some cap plugs are threaded so they can be screwed securely into place in any threaded pipe with a matching diameter. These threaded plugs are often made in the shape of a hexagon so they can be tightened or removed using a wrench. A button cap plug has a surface that rests flush with the object it is inserted into, but it has raised ridges around the outside of the plug.

Round PVC Cap Plugs Round PVC Cap Plugs - Carlisle Plastics Company

Square cap plugs are also made in a variety of plastic styles and integrated into the design of products like handrails. Sealed ends on the bars of railing give a finished look and keep fabrics from getting caught on the end of the railing. A hanger plug has a hook on the end of it so that a string or small chain can be attached. This is convenient in industrial settings where the plug needs to be frequently removed, and attaching the other end of the string to a stationary object nearby will prevent the plug from getting lost.

Plug caps can be molded into shape using a vinyl coating, or they can be created using a plastic extrusion process. Some manufacturers also create silicone caps for high temperature environments, and they will offer custom cap plug solutions to meet the exact specifications of a client.

Cap plugs are used in plumbing to keep contaminants out of pipes, and they are also used by importers and exporters to protect vital components during shipping. Specialty caps are even designed for use with hydraulic equipment to keep hydraulic fluid in its reservoir and provide an access point when new fluid needs to be added. During the manufacturing process dye can be added to the plastic material to color the cap plug so that it matches the product it is being created for or so that it stands out and can be quickly identified.

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